How to buy and sell Bitcoins?

"This is probably the first question I asked myself once I learned about Blockchain and its relation to Bitcoin".

Bitcoin's buy and sell is much easier than it seems, much easier and faster than an international conventional money transfer. In order to do it, you only need to create an account in one of many digital platforms that today exist's.

In this article I talk about the platforms that I have used and have not failed me.

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Nostradamus, Apocalypse and the Cryptocurrencies

"The most famous prophet in history, Nostradamus, warned humanity of its threats: The rich will die many times".

The Bitcoin collapses and there is nothing else we can do, just wait.

A couple of days ago I have been following the value of several cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin and Dash, waiting for the right moment to buy at a low price and then sell when this value has risen. However, what has happened is that all of these currencies have plummeted consistently, experiencing losses up to two percentage figures per day.

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My first income with Ripple

"Today I bought, sold and won with the Ripple cryptocurrency (XRP)".

A few days ago, my friend Álvaro sent me an image by whatsapp, where he showed me his account statements of various cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH). However, he did not have Ripple coins.

From the image mentioned above, what caught my attention was the logo of the platform he uses to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, because it allows you to link your bank account, so you can convert your cryptocurrencies to Chilean Pesos and deposit them directly in your bank. This platform is called Orionx.

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My experience with Bitcoin mining

"Recently I started in the cryptocurrency mining world and although I had some friends who knew the subject, each one in different measure, none of them took away my fear about the seriousness and formality of the topic, until yesterday".

I live in South America, specifically in Chile and I do not know if I am an Early Adopter, Late Adopter or a mixture of both. What I do know is that during the second half of 2017, the news and insistent messages from different friends and a family member of mine, made me question about the opportunity to trade with Bitcoins. Then, one day I asked a friend from work, which I knew had invested a small amount of money in cryptocurrency mining, to explain to me about the Blockchain and its relationship with these new currencies. Today, I thank this friend, Jesus, because he not only took the time to explain me in a simple way the related technical issues, but also, he taught me in which companies could be mined (Hashflare and Genesis) and which are some of the most well-known electronic wallets online (Xapo, Exodus and others), etc.

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